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Ammonium Paratungstate (APT) Use

Ammonium paratungstate Use

Ammonium paratungstate is a chemical substance was mainly white crystals, shape are two kinds of sheet-like or needle-like, for the manufacture of tungsten trioxide or tungsten tungsten blue oxide powder. Also used in the manufacture ammonium metatungstate and other tungsten compounds as additives for the petrochemical industry.

Mainly used in the manufacture of tungsten metal powder like tungsten trioxide or tungsten blue oxide;the downstream products of metallic tungsten powder have tungsten material series, such as tungsten, tungsten and other electric vacuum materials; there are alloy series too, such as tungsten carbide alloy blade, alloy drill, alloy molds, etc.; and other wear, pressure, temperature and other machinery and equipment components.

Tungsten oxide can be obtained by calcined tungstic acid or APT
Calcined in air (oxidizing atmosphere) to obtain tungsten trioxide
Calcined in weak reducing atmosphere can be obtained industrial blue tungsten oxide - a mixture of a lot of WO2.9 and a small amount of WO2.72 with traces of WO3 and WO2.

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