Ammonium Paratungstate (APT) Preparation

Ammonium Paratungstate Picture

Preparation of Ammonium paratungstate

Raw materials of manufacturing Ammonium paratungstate:
Tungsten concentrates, caustic soda or soda ash, ion exchange resins, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, ammonium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium

Preparation of Ammonium paratungstate

Preparation of APT to take in many ways, the main process of preparation methods are:

1.Ammonium tungstate solution as raw material, solvent extraction or ion exchange method first obtained by partial tungstate solution, and then crystallized by evaporation ammonium paratungstate;

2.Sodium tungstate solution as raw material in a solvent extraction method take AMT solution, then crystallized by evaporation ammonium paratungstate.

3.Heat the dissociation APT, and lose some ammonium and water of crystallization, into the water-soluble ammonium paratungstate, and then evaporated to give crystals ammonium paratungstate.