Ammonium Paratungstate Rotary Calcinating Tube Furnace

Rotary calcinating tube furnace, also known as rotary tube electric heating furnace, is the main equipment for calcining ammonium paratungstate or ammonium molybdate into tungsten oxide or molybdenum oxide in domestic powder metallurgy industry at present. By changing process parameters such as process gas type, gas flow, furnace pressure, combustion temperature, etc. during production, products such as yellow tungsten, blue tungsten, purple tungsten or molybdenum oxide can be produced.

It has the functions of combustion time, temperature, intake air flow, furnace strand pressure control, etc. It adopts automatic control, relevant alarm prompts and safety interlocks are perfect, and it has the functions of data display and recording.

Ammonium Paratungstate Rotary Calcinating Furnace Photo

The main features of rotary calcinating tube furnace are as follows:
1) The new furnace lining structure is adopted, and the heating elements are arranged in a double-sided network heating belt type. High thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, good guaranteed performance, small temperature rise of furnace body surface, and greatly reduced burning loss rate of heating elements.
2) The overall cold drawing lengthening furnace tube is adopted, and the spray cooling device is equipped. First, the discharge temperature is reduced to avoid material oxidation; Secondly, the influence of temperature on the dynamic seal is reduced, and the reliability and service life of the dynamic seal are improved.
3) Graphite ring sealing structure is adopted, and the sealing face is equipped with wear compensation function, ensuring reliable sealing.
4) Process gas control system is set in the furnace, with stable atmosphere.
5) The vibrating device has a reliable structure and is equipped with sound insulation and noise prevention measures, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

Ammonium Paratungstate Rotary Calcinating Tube Furnace Specification Photo